Giant Lower Back Lipoma in Pediatric : A Case Report

Yustinus Robby Budiman Gondowardojo , Donny Argie

Yustinus Robby Budiman Gondowardojo
Surgery Department Neurosurgery Division Prof. Dr. WZ Johannes Hospital, Kupang. Email:

Donny Argie
Surgery Department Neurosurgery Division Prof. Dr. WZ Johannes Hospital, Kupang
Online First: August 03, 2017 | Cite this Article
Gondowardojo, Y., Argie, D. 2017. Giant Lower Back Lipoma in Pediatric : A Case Report. Bali Medical Journal 6(3): 554-556. DOI:10.15562/bmj.v6i3.582

Backgrounds : Lipoma is the most common soft-tissue mesenchymal neoplasm in adults. Lipoma that sized over 10 cm and weighed over 1000 grams is considered giant lipoma. Giant lipoma, especially in children are rare, so it represent a real diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. In this case report, we report a further case.

Case : A three-year-old girl with a history of progressive growing mass on the lower back since born resulting in pain. CT scan with contrast shows soft tissue mass with fat content sized 6,1 x 12,1 x 12,7 cm without contrast enhancement. Surgical excision was performed to completely remove the tumor. Histopathology examination confirmed the diagnosis of lipoma.

Conclusion : Pediatric giant lipomas are rare, when they occur an appropriate work up must be done. This should be followed by adequate open surgical excision and repeat examination over time to monitor for recurrence.


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