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Complicated uveitis in a spondyloarthritis patient: a case report

  • Afdal Rosihan Hasbi ,
  • Awali ,


Background: Ophthalmic manifestations, like uveitis, might be one of the complications of spondyloarthritis. Many individuals experiencing acute uveitis are unaware that spondyloarthritis has already been present. The late diagnosis and treatment of uveitis can result in permanent vision impairment. This case report presents the diagnosis and management by a rheumatologist and ophthalmologist of a spondyloarthritis patient with complicated uveitis.

Case: On October 27, 2021, a 42-year-old male patient came to the rheumatology outpatient clinic of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia with intermittent low back pain for the past fourteen years, which worsened in the last eight months. The pain was accompanied by morning stiffness for about an hour after getting-up every day, gradually relieved by stretching. The lumbosacral x-ray revealed bilateral sacroiliitis. The patient also came to the ophthalmology outpatient clinic with sudden left eye pain and gradually blurred vision for the past two years. He was diagnosed with spondyloarthritis with bilateral uveitis, secondary glaucoma, and secondary cataract on both eyes. He was given methotrexate, sulfasalazine, sodium diclofenac, topical timolol 0.5%, topical atropine, acetazolamide, and methylprednisolone. The low back pain and impaired vision were improved after three months of treatment.

Conclusion: Uveitis should be suspected as a relatively common complication of spondyloarthritis. Early diagnosis and treatment of this uveitis might prevent permanent damage.


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