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The effect of the type of thyroidectomy on the incidence of hypothyroidism

  • Sagiran ,
  • M. Afif Jaffariz ,
  • Ardi Pramono ,


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Background: Thyroidectomy is the surgical removal of part or all of the thyroid glands. Thyroidectomy is performed to treat thyroid disease which can be in the form of enlargement of the thyroid glands and thyroid cancer. Thyroidectomy is performed to help cure the patient's disease, but after thyroidectomy, there is still the possibility of post-operative complications. One of the common complications that can occur is hypothyroidism. The type of thyroidectomy surgery that generally results in hypothyroidism is near-total or total thyroidectomy.

Methods: An analytic observational study with a cross-sectional design was carried out at PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital. A total of 50 people who had thyroid problems or diseases and had undergone thyroidectomy surgery were included in the samples. The inclusion criteria for this study were patients aged 20–80 years, with hyperthyroidism or euthyroidism, both outpatients or inpatients. Patients with hypothyroidism and those with thyroid disease are excluded from this study. The research data were analyzed with the Fisher exact test.

Results: Majority of the sex of subjects in this study were female. Most of the subject age groups in this study were in the 20-50 year age group. Hypothyroid complications occur in 8% of subjects. The results of bivariate analysis obtained a significant value


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