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Effect of Asiatic acid and dexamethasone administration to interleukin (IL)-1 expression and number of mononuclear cells in extraocular muscle post-strabismus surgery

  • Intifada ,
  • Luki Indriaswati ,
  • Dicky Hermawan ,


Strabismus surgery aims to improve visual function, binocular vision, and cosmetics by fixing the position of the eyeball. However, inflammation after surgery can lead to fibrous tissue formation. Dexamethasone is routinely used as an anti-inflammatory but has unwanted side effects. On the other hand, Asiatic acid, the most important saponin constituent of Centella asiatica, has anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrous properties. It has been widely used as a traditional medicine plant in China, India, and Indonesia. The findings show that Asiatic acid has been shown to affect wound healing after strabismus surgery positively. Asiatic acid inhibits inflammation, increases cell proliferation, and inhibits fibrosis. It promotes wound healing by increasing the strength of the incision wound, epithelialization, keratinization, and angiogenesis. Overall, using natural compounds like Asiatic acid in wound healing is promising and should be explored further. It can be a safer and more effective alternative to dexamethasone, which has known side effects. However, further studies are required to determine the optimal dosage and administration method of Asiatic acid for post-operative strabismus wound healing. The results of this study are expected to be the basis for selecting alternative therapies to reduce inflammation and fibrosis after strabismus surgery.


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