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Does game addiction have a relationship with adolescent sleep quality?

  • Umi Hanik ,
  • Siti Nurjanah ,
  • Ratna Yunita Sari ,
  • Imamatul Faizah ,
  • Riska Rohmawati ,


Introduction: Addiction to online games is one of the impacts caused by technological developments. One of the effects of online game addiction is a change in sleep quality. This study aims to analyze the relationship between the habit of playing online games with adolescent sleep quality.

Method: This study is a correlation analytic research design with a cross-sectional approach, the research sample was 109 respondents from 150 populations using simple random sampling. The independent variable of this study was the habit of playing online games and the dependent variable was sleep quality. The instrument used in this study is gaming disorder using the 7-item Game Addiction Scale (GAS) and sleep quality using the 10-item Adolescent Sleep-Wake Scale (ASWS). Data analysis using chi-square test.

Results: The result of this study, most of them (55.6%) had fairly bad sleep quality and almost half (44.4%) had very bad sleep quality. Spearman rank test results p = 0.000, which means that game addiction has a relationship with adolescent sleep quality.

Conclusion: Game addiction is one of the factors for adolescents' bad sleep quality. It is hoped that adolescents can reduce playing online games because bad sleep quality can interfere with health.


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Hanik, U., Nurjanah , S. ., Sari, R. Y. ., Faizah, I. ., & Rohmawati, R. . (2023). Does game addiction have a relationship with adolescent sleep quality?. Bali Medical Journal, 12(3), 2812–2814.