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The Effect of chair-based exercise and vitamin d levels with hand grip strength in elderly woman


Introduction: The decrease in muscle mass in the elderly is due to a decrease in nerve function and muscle weakness due to the aging process, lack of physical activity, and malnutrition. This study aimed to determine the effect of chair-based exercise and vitamin D levels on the strength of the hand grip on elderly women.

Patients and methods: Cross-sectional study involving 50 female respondents (aged 64.94±5.42 years) The study sample was elderly individuals who met the inclusion criteria at the Semarang Elderly Posyandu. Respondents were divided into 2 groups, namely the chair-based sports group and the chair-based no-sport group for 8 weeks. Checking the strength of the hand grip using a grip dynamometer.

Results: No significant differences was found in hand grip score between chair-based and non chair-based exercise (p>0.05). Meanwhile significant difference was found in hand grip score between person with .

Conclusion: There is an influence of vitamin D levels on the strength of the hand grip in elderly women


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