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Management options for primary umbilical endometriosis: a case report

  • Hilwah Nora ,
  • Ima Indirayani ,
  • Rusnaidi ,
  • Razi Maulana ,


Background: The common location of Endometriosis is in genitalia organs, for instance, the ovary, uterus, fallopian tube, and sometimes even in the intestine, bladder, and in rare locations such as the navel, lungs, or brain. Umbilical Endometriosis is the most irregular form of Endometriosis and the most common cutaneous form of Endometriosis. Primary umbilical endometriosis diagnosis is often biased and delayed; the exact etiopathology remains unclear. Our case report discusses the diagnosis and management options for this rare disease.

Case presentation: We reported a Primary Umbilical Endometriosis case, confirmed by a history of the nodule with pain, swelling, and bleeding at the umbilicus, which occurs during menstruation. The nodule was surgically removed, and histopathological analysis shows fibromycsoid tissue with multiple forms of subepithelial endometrial glands and surrounding stroma, confirmed as Endometriosis.

Conclusion: The definitive treatment for umbilical Endometriosis is surgical excision with total removal of the umbilicus. The prognosis is good, and the recurrence rate is meager if complete excision is successfully performed.


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