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Influence of Artificial Tear Related with Conjunctival Goblet Cell Density in Glaucoma Patients with Latanoprost Therapy


Purpose: To know influence of artificial tear related with conjunctival goblet cell density in glaucoma patient with latanoprost therapy. Method: Pre-posttest design with expanded randomized study. This study was performed at Eye Policlinic Sanglah Public Hospital Denpasar and Bali Mandara Hospital from October until December 2015. Forty eyes were taken for impression cytology specimen to search goblet cell density before and 30 days after therapy. Mean difference of goblet cell changes before and after therapy between case and control analyzed with independent t-test. Results: There were enhancements of conjunctival goblet cell mean density on group with artificial tear before and after therapy 83 + 97 cell/mm2 to 92 + 88 cell/mm2. There was reduction of conjunctival goblet cell mean density of group without artificial tear from 144 + 169 cell/mm2 to 78 + 103 cell/mm2.Mean difference between both group in this study differ not significant statistically (p=0,178). However, mean difference of conjunctival goblet cell density before and after therapy between both groups differ -75+ 54 cell/mm2. Conclusions: Artificial tears have a considerable effect (important), although not statistically significantly.


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