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In vitro study comparison of purple leaf extract as denture cleanser at different concentration towards S. mutans growth on flexible denture

  • Tri Purnami Dewi ,


Background: The denture usage should be accompanied by good denture cleansing to prevent denture damage and oral disease due to bacterial on the denture. Research on purple leaves (Graptophyllum pictum) showed that purple leaves have anti-bacterial and antimicrobial activity. So it is essential to study the effectiveness of purple leaves as denture cleanser towards the growth of S. mutans on flexible denture plates.

Objective: The objective of the study was to compare the effectiveness of purple leaf extract at different concentrations: 1.25%; 2.5%; 10% and 40%, fittidentÃ’ and aquadest towards S. mutans growth on flexible denture plates.

Methods: This study was in vitro study that used S. mutans from local isolates of the microbiological laboratory faculty of medicine, Universitas Udayana. The isolates were incubated for 24 hours with temperature 37oC on 18 plates (10x10x2mm). The concentration of purple leaf extract was 1.25%; 2.5%; 10% and 40%. The effectiveness of purple leaf extract, fittidentÒ and aquadest towards the growth of S. mutans can be evaluated from the number of S. mutans colonies on flexible denture base plate (CFU/ml). Data were analyzed using the One Way Anova test with 95% confidence level (α = 0,05%). LSD (Least Significant Different) was tested to determine the significance of differences in the treatment group. 

Result: The lowest mean of colonies' growth was found in 10% concentration (21.0000). There was significant difference in colony count between the extract concentration groups (p=0.000). LSD-multi comparisons test on the Post Hoc analysis showed a significant difference between the extract concentrations of 1.25% to 10% (p=0.037), and the 2.5% extract to 10% (p=0.012) and 40% (p=0.027). Graptophylum pictum extract showed with highest flavonoid content (4340,30 mg/100 QE wb).

Conclusion: All extract concentrations are effective in suppressing bacterial growth. The optimum concentration to the growth of S. mutans was the extract with 10% concentration but did not differ significantly with the 40% concentration extract.  


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