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Acquired intestinal atresia in young girl: extremely rare case

  • Dian Adi Syahputra ,
  • Muntadhar M. Isa ,
  • Teuku Yusriadi ,


Background: A postnatally acquired ileal atresia is very rare. Only few cases are described in literature and the etiology is still unclear.

Case Description: A Girl 15 years old was referred to Zainoel Abidin hospital with abdominal distention and can’t pass motion for 10 days ago. She also had intermittent colicky pain and billious vomiting. Previously, she had surgical correction for anorectal malformation with rectovestibular fistulae. Physical examination revealed tachycardia and tachypnea with abdominal distention as well as metallic sound even though there was no sign of peritonitis. Anal position index was normal and rectal vault collapse. Potassium level was low. Abdominal x-ray revealed multiple air-fluid level and gas only in the ileum level with dilatation all small bowel. Exploratory laparotomy was prompted and there was acquired atresia (type II) in the ileum 70 cm from ileocaecal valve due to adhesive band that twisted the bowel to the umbilical area. Proximal tappering and anastomosis end to end ileoileal were performed. She was discharged on operative day 7 with uneventful recovery.

Conclusion: Intestinal atresia typically presents in neonatal period with the classical symptoms of abdominal distension and vomiting.


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Syahputra, D. A., Isa, M. M., & Yusriadi, T. (2020). Acquired intestinal atresia in young girl: extremely rare case. Bali Medical Journal, 9(1), 178–179.




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