The correlation of Lipoprotein (a) with the severity of ischemic stroke in Dr. Soedono General Hospital, Madiun, Indonesia

Rahma Yuantari , Dinik Wuriyanti, Djoko Siswantoro

Rahma Yuantari
Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, UII, Yogyakarta. Email: riri.md2001@gmail.com

Dinik Wuriyanti
Neurology Department, RSUD Dr Soedono, Madiun

Djoko Siswantoro
Clinical Pathology Department, RSUD Dr Soedono, Madiun
Online First: January 26, 2019 | Cite this Article
Yuantari, R., Wuriyanti, D., Siswantoro, D. 2019. The correlation of Lipoprotein (a) with the severity of ischemic stroke in Dr. Soedono General Hospital, Madiun, Indonesia. Bali Medical Journal 8(1): 275-280. DOI:10.15562/bmj.v8i1.1350

Background : Lipoprotein (a) is a lipid component with proatherogenic and prothrombogenic component. Levels of Lp(a) are influenced by genetic factors. Lp(a) has a role in the pathogenesis of stroke, but research on its association with the severity of stroke shows vary on results. This study aims to determine correlation of Lp(a) the severity of ischemic stroke measured by the NIHSS score.

Method : This study was a prospective observational research conducted at Dr. Soedono Madiun in December 2016 - May 2017. The inclusion criteria were patients with first acute ischemic stroke. Exclusion criteria included patients with liver disease, kidney disease, pregnancy, sepsis. Lp (a) was examined by the immunoturbidimetry method. The NIHSS score was examined when the patient arrived (NIHSS 1) and on day 7 or the day patient left the Stroke unit (NIHSS 2). Statistical analysis was performed by computerization.

Result : There were 40 subjects, 27 men and 13 women. Higher median level of Lp(a) was found in more severe type of stroke. The group with Lp (a) level more than 30 mg/dL had a higher median NIHSS score than the group with Lp (a) level lower than 30 mg/dL. HDL dan LDL had no correlation with stroke severity (p>0,05). Triglycerida only had signifficant correlation with NIHSS 2 (r = 0.364; p 0.021). Lp (a) had a significant correlation with NIHSS 1 score (r = 0.394; p 0.012) and NIHSS 2 (r = 0.366; 0.020).

Conclusion : Lp (a) has a correlation with the severity of stroke. Lp (a) can be one of the biomarkers that needs to be monitored in subjects who have a risk of cerebrovascular disease.

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