Dewandaru fruit extracts (Eugenia uniflora L) reduce oxidative stress and increase Superoxide Dismutase level in excessive activity-induced rats

Puguh Santoso , I Made Bakta, I.B. Putra Manuaba, Baus Komang Satriyasa

Puguh Santoso
Student of Doctorate Program in Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Udayana. Email: puguhsantoso@gmail.com

I Made Bakta
Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Udayana

I.B. Putra Manuaba
Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Udayana

Baus Komang Satriyasa
Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Udayana
Online First: November 14, 2018 | Cite this Article
Santoso, P., Bakta, I., Manuaba, I., Satriyasa, B. 2018. Dewandaru fruit extracts (Eugenia uniflora L) reduce oxidative stress and increase Superoxide Dismutase level in excessive activity-induced rats. Bali Medical Journal 8(1): 160-163. DOI:10.15562/bmj.v8i1.1143

Background:Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals are higher than antioxidants. This condition can trigger various cell damage, and degenerative disease such as heart disease, cancer, premature aging, various diseases such as alzhemir, atherosclerosis. Oxidative stress can be caused by excessive physical activities. The damage caused by oxidative stress can be measured through levels of Malondihaldehide (MDA), F2-Isoprostane, 8OHdG and SOD.Dewandaru fruit (Eugenia uniflora L) which contains many high antioxidant compounds such as phenol, flavonoid, and anthocyanin compounds can prevent excessive oxidation caused by maximum physical activities. This research was conducted  to test  Dewandaru fruit extract in its activity to reduce oxidative level through decrease MDA, F2-isoprostan, 8OHdG and increase SOD.

Methods: Design this experimental study was purely randomized post-test only control group design, with 24 rats. The subjects were divided into four groups, firstly the control group of rat were given maximal physical activity exercise (K) as control, P1, P2, and P3, dose 50 mg / kgbb, dose 100 mg / kgbb, dose 200 mg / kgbb rat given maximum physical activity and n-butanol extract of Dewandaru fruit. Checking MDA, F2 Isoprostan, 8 OHdG and SOD with Elisa method.

Result:The results of one way anova test at dose 50 mg / kgbb P1, dose 100 mg / kgbb and dose 200 mg / kg bb there is significant difference compared to control, obtained p value <0,05 both on variable MDA, Isoprostan, 8-OHdG, SOD. At a dose of 200 mg / kgbb showed an average decrease in MDA levels of 3.69 ± 0.78 μmol / L, F2-Isoprostan 2.02 ± 0.67 ng / L, 8-OHdG 1.69 ± 0.29 ng / mL and an increase in mean of SOD 23,93 ± 0,60 U / L.

Conclusion:The result of this study showed Dewandaru fruit extracts of n-butanol dose 50 mg/kgBB, 100 mg/kgBB and 200 mg/kgBB significantly reduced MDA, Isoprostan , 8-OhdG and increase SOD  (p < 0.05) in Wistar rats given maximum physical activities

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